Welcome to Turner Recruiting & Consulting, LLC!

I specialize in helping companies with all their hiring needs.  I do direct hire placements and can help your company with all levels of positions from high-level professionals to entry-level and part-time positions.  I can help you through every step of the hiring process from creating job offers to coordinating start dates.  And yes, I can help any company in the United States!

I’m committed to helping companies find candidates that are a right fit for their growing business and culture, in addition to making sure the company is equally a good fit for the candidate.  I provide a personable experience that is unlike traditional recruiters or “headhunters”, and I strive to build lasting relationships.  My method of recruiting involves a lot of research, honest conversations, and multiple types of interviews serving as the liaison and bridging the gap of communication for both my clients and my candidates.  My candidates are well informed of what most consider the good, the bad, and the ugly.  They are fully aware of what the position entails and what the expectations are before they are ever provided a job offer

In addition to recruiting, I provide other professional services that can assist your company.  So, if you’re ready to have more time for other important tasks, consider outsourcing your needs to me!